1824 New York 

The newspapers titrate:

 Welcome Général ! Bienvenue Marquis !

Long live  La Fayette! exclaims the crowd

An opening of show on musicals tunes, where the energy of the dancers merge with incredible Hip-Hop figures.

1776 Paris

The Epée de Bois cabaret

It's here that everything started ...

La Fayette was entering the world ...

It was rumored that the insurgent delegates were looking for volunteers to fight in the new world ...

La Fayette had just chosen his destiny ...

History and sword fights are on the program!

We must save the freedom of a world ...


A moment of magical beauty, accompanied by sublime soul music ...

Le Congrès américain


"It's at the moment of danger that I want to share your fortune"

George Washington

George Washington est interprété par Yoël à la scène, mais également sur grand écran grâce au talent de réalisateur d'Alain Chêne.


A wind of freedom blows on the French monarchy. Our revolutionaries invade the stage ...

It's the Revolution!

La Fayette 

La Fayette is played by Emmanuel.

He is just such a wonderful artist... but shh !!!

Swords fights

"I do not agree with what you say, but I will fight to death so that you have the right to say it"



A colorful show

60 costumes

Created by Stéphanie, Aline and Adeline. 

Our precious seamstress Adeline, is the specialist in ribbons and lace, as well as delicate finishes that have no secrets for her .....

                                                                Long live the century of lights!



  1. Photo Credits  1st page homepage Valérie Saiveau
  2. Photo Credits  La Fayette website Patrice Mauran